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Behind The Brand

Cinnamon Moon was born out of curiosity. Curious about what it would feel like to replace the products that I use every day for ones that are made to enhance me spiritually. Products that promote clarity, self-love and care, made from naturally derived ingredients.
Having sensitive skin which only seems to be getting more sensitive the older I get, it became a question to ask myself what I really felt I was getting from the products that I use on a daily basis and how they were actually helping me.
 And from that question a little light bulb clicked on and I realised that I wanted to live an intentional life, a life filled with purpose and joy. I wanted all the products that I use for the little daily rituals that I do almost without thinking (putting lotion on, washing my face, lighting candles and burning incense) to have meaning, so using them would be a way of actively making a choice to promote my wellness. And from promoting my wellness, also promoting the love of myself as I continue to try to live the best life that I can.
 My only hope is that these products bring you as much joy and peace as they bring me.