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We currently only ship to the UK, Ireland, US and Europe.

We aim to process your order within 3 working days of receiving the order. Please check out the Shipping Policy for more accurate timings on your order getting to your specific country.

In most cases customs and duties is charged by the country the order is received in unless there is an agreed customs agreement (no customs fees for UK and US). You will be responsible for paying this in order to received your package and in most cases the delivery company will let you know how much this will be before they deliver the order.

Abbsolutely not! We love animals and it goes against everything we stand by to test on little creatures.

All our products are handpoured and handmade in our little studio in South London, UK.

We have a zero plastics policy. We are always looking for sustainable ways to package our products and love the idea of completely perishable items. We encourage you to reuse the bottles and litte bags that the products come with around the house when they are finished to keep waste to a complete minimum. All our packaging is recyclable so where you can, please recycle it. ♻️

All our products are 100% naturally derived. Some of our skincare products contain honey making them not suitable for vegans. All candles and oils however are vegan friendly, please check the product description to be sure.

The short answer would be no. We provide you with intentions to start you off on your journey of living an intentional life. This will hopefully spur you on to create your own daily intentions that are more tailored to your personal needs so please don't feel you have to use them, they are just soft guidance 🤍

The short answer is no. Through a lot of testing we have managed to make sure that the dried flowers and herbs we use on the candles do not catch fire, simply by making them really small, too small to catch and because they are loose on the surface they can also be moved away from the wicks.

Surface flares are definitely possible in candles that use botanicals but we have found that to be only when the botanicals are large and heavily packed around the wick. When you receive your candle you will find that the flowers and herbs on top of it are loose so if you are really worried you can tip them out.